About the Author
Joseph Emile Zakhour

Professional Record

1961 : Joined AFIA Branch for the Middle East in Beirut, whose operations in Lebanon were being conducted in the name of St Paul Fire & Marine Insurance Co. of Minnesota, USA in Lebanon and in the name of Great American Insurance Co. in Kuwait and Hartford Insurance Co. in Jeddah Saudi Arabia

1974: Promoted to General Manager in the Middle East for AFIA which was subsequently integrated into CIGNA

1977: Elected member to Lebanon Governmental Insurance Council

1973-1988: Promoted to Vice President and established Mideast network for AFIA/CIGNA including Turkey and Pakistan, and actively contributed into forming and managing local companies in Turkey, Egypt, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Oman and UAE for said group

1989: Because of the civil war then on going in Lebanon, CIGNA decided to move Middle East Regional office to Athens Greece at which time Joseph Zakhour elected to stay on in Lebanon where he took the representation of Insurance Company of North America – INA and operated as General Agent for CIGNA. The INA agency took on its payroll a number of CIGNA former employees, others joined CIGNA Athens office.

1989: Formed AMECO SAL a Lebanese Insurance Company, which was subsequently sold to a bank

1990: Elected Chairman of ACAL, the Insurance Association of Lebanon

1992: Elected Chairman of General Arab Insurance Federation (GAIF) a Pan Arab Organization comprised of about 325 Insurance Companies of 21 Arab Countries, extending between Persian/Arabian Gulf in the East and the Atlantic Ocean in the West

1993: Reelected Chairman of ACAL for a mandate of 3 years. His presence at the head of GAIF and ACAL helped him build friendly relations with Insurers in numerous countries, acquiring at the same time, in depth knowledge of the business environment of the area 1998: Published “ ARAB INSURER’S DIARY” a book in Arabic of 336 pages addressing insurance and reinsurance issues in the Middle East & Africa

1999: Joseph Zakhour was appointed Consultant for Middle East, North Africa & eastern Europe for Liberty Mutual of Boston which was then launching for the first time its operation in the region. In that capacity J. Zakhour entered into Fronting arrangements on behalf of Liberty Mutual throughout the region

2000: Marsh which has been doing business with J. Zakhour for a long period in the region signed a correspondent agreement with Joseph Zakhour & Co. for Lebanon

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